Carla-Bayle is situated south of Toulouse (60km / 37 miles) and 100 km / 60 miles from Andorre near the Spanish Border in the department of Ariege. It is known for its ancient history, its cartharisme and the Huguenots. The village is of rare beauty and is surrounded by the Pyrenees foothills. A cultural meeting place, Carla-Bayle welcomes all travelers and artists who visit the local art festivals.

Beneito's home is the largest active farm in the community of Carla-Bayle. Wheat, corn, soybeans and sunflowers are produced; sheep are raised and there is a lake. The farm dates back from 1,000 A.D. and the home of the painter was constructed in the 15th century. Niac was a tiny village in the 13th century with a church, cemetery, stone bread ovens and wells of drinkable water.

The painter's home has three levels. A large workshop is located in what had been the stables. Behind the swimming pool, going through the 13th century door, one enters an exposition cloister with a patio composed of Cyprus, lavender, romarin, a fountain and a flower garden.

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